“Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook” [YouTube]



The newest relaunch of the MacBook is incredibly anemic, and with an Intel Core M processor it would be about as good of an investment as the ASUS Eee PC and HP Mini netbooks that I impulse-purchased and quit using almost immediately.  Plus, I’m just now starting to transition from all the gear I bought when I went all-in and embraced FireWire 800 to Thunderbolt, so there is no fucking way that I am going to buy a machine that abandons Thunderbolt for USB-C and the need for multiple adapters cluttering up my desk.

But, if the next refresh of the MacBook Air/MacBook Pro comes in “Space Gray” OR if the MacBook is refreshed with at least an Intel Core i5 processor, I will buy one immediately!  I think a 12-inch notebook is the perfect size.  I loved my 12-inch iBook G3 because of the solid craftsmanship but also because it was similar in size to the textbooks I used in high school.  I carried around that computer all day long without any inconvenience.  That same form-factor with the incredible advances in battery life and reduction in component sizes would be my dream machine.

“… we are unable to fulfill your request at this time.”

Time Warner Cable’s “Whole-House DVR” service inexplicably lacks the capability to schedule recordings from any set-top box other than the master DVR unit (client set-top boxes can only play or delete recorded content on the DVR), which is rather inconvenient.  They do, however, offer the capability to schedule/modify recordings using their website or an Android/iOS app.  Unfortunately neither the app nor the website ever fucking work.

Paul Ryan Used to Think Blowing Past the Debt Limit Was No Big Deal [The New Republic]


The Republican party’s opposition strategy to the Obama presidency entailed shattering a wide array of norms that governed both the House and Senate. As that era draws to a close, and creates an opening for a new era of unified GOP control, Republicans are finding it difficult to reimpose those norms without creating a level of dissent that makes their caucuses ungovernable.

Cuba’s really terrible internet, explained [Vox]


A few years ago some computer gamers based in Havana strung a small web of ethernet cables, from house to house, so they could play video games together. The network has grown quietly and today its called StreetNet: a bootleg internet for Havana with over 10,000 users. It was an innovation forged by necessity in a country where only 5 percent of the citizens have access to the uncensored internet. Watch the why Cuba’s internet is stuck in 1995.


Why John Boehner Is A Drunken Numbnuts Coward: A Wonksplainer  [Wonkette]


Congress basically dicked around all year up until now, not solving much of anything. And when hard shit is finally here, and when real leadership is needed, John Boehner kisses the Pope’s ring and then gets the fuck out of dodge.

7 ideas completely lost on people who are “fiscally conservative but socially liberal” [Salon]


Bullshit. Do they really think progressives are in favor of wasteful and ineffective government? Do they think we’re saying, “Thumbs up to ineffective government spending! Let’s pour our government’s resources down a rat hole! Let’s spend our tax money giving every citizen a solid-gold tuba and a lifetime subscription to Cigar Aficionado!” This is an idealized, self-serving definition of “fiscally conservative,” defined by conservatives to make their position seem reasonable. It does not describe fiscal conservatism as it actually plays out in the United States. The reality of fiscal conservatism in the United States is not cautious, evidence-based attention to which government programs do and don’t work. If that were ever true in some misty nostalgic past, it hasn’t been true for a long, long time. The reality of fiscal conservatism in the United States means slashing government programs, even when they’ve been shown to work. The reality means decimating government regulations, even when they’ve been shown to improve people’s lives. The reality means cutting the safety net to ribbons, and letting big businesses do pretty much whatever they want.


‘South Park’ Was a Show for the Internet Before the Internet Was a Thing [VICE]


South Park was perfectly suited to internet consumption in a way no other 90s shows were. They had the early internet’s dispassionately antisocial aesthetic locked down before the internet took over. The jokes and pace were loud and fast—it said what it wanted to say as crudely and conversationally as possible. The show’s rudimentary animation style meant you couldn’t ruin its intricacies with digital compression, mainly because there weren’t any intricacies to ruin.